In this blog post  I’ll be addressing common mistakes most network marketing professionals  make, if you’re doing any of these or about to then you have to stop it.

No.1 – Making limited contacts with people.


Do you know that every business comprises of the people, the products, and the processes? Usually, when a business encounters problems, these problems can be traced to the people. When there’s also a major win, it can easily be traced to people!

As a person in business, you need people! This people range from clients to customers to associates and so on.

Interacting with people is a must if you desire to thrive in network marketing, so ensure you expand your reach today!

No.2 – Having little or no time for your business.


Time is said to be the currency of life and what you achieve in your business is a reflection of how much time you invest in it.

Yes, with network marketing, you earn passive income but this doesn’t happen when you put in only passive efforts. If you’re going to make money while you sleep, then you must work towards it while you’re awake!

Staying consistent in business is vital, invest in your knowledge, think outside the box and generate ideas to help you work smart so you don’t end up loosing interest.

Whatever you do in network marketing, never be caught handling your business with less concern.

No.3- Skipping training and webinars.


As with anything in life, the more time spent at learning how to perfect a skill, the better you get at it.

Participating in team training and webinars gives you an edge in business. It keeps you afloat and connects you with other members of your team and the company at large.

At meetings like this, you will have the opportunity to listen to success stories of others, pick up new techniques to help you propel your business forward, learn about new innovations and also get motivated to keep building your business.

When you skip training and webinars, your knowledge of the business becomes limited and you are more likely to quit business at the first sign of trouble or roadblocks.

No.4- Not sticking with the operating principles.


Most network marketing professionals are guilty of this! They fail to understand that every industry has principles or strategies that are peculiar to them, and when these strategies are applied, success is attainable.

But no! Not the majority of today’s network marketing professionals, They want to have it their way, then end up feeling frustrated and complaining that network marketing is all scam.

Thriving in any business is easier when you have access to what makes it work and if you fail to adhere, you would have yourself to blame.

No. 5 – Not leveraging on relationships.

It is not enough to prospect. After prospecting, what next?

Stay in touch! I’ve mentioned earlier the need to maintain relationships, make calls, send messages! You never know who the one person to expand your business would be. It is the wish of every network marketing professional to recruit that one person who would embrace their business and help skyrocket it.

When you fail to leverage on relationships, you may never find that one person.

No. 6- Appearing thirsty.


Yes! You heard right! It is quite unfortunate that a lot of network marketing professionals are yet to fully understand their business principles and so jump at the next opportunity to be a part of another M.L.M company hoping that this new one would favor them.

Hear this, you are shooting yourself in the leg!

No. 7- Dwelling on negativity.


Until others see your business from the same perspective as you, they will not embrace that business.

Therefore, it’s wrong for you to allow negative feedback and comments from others to trouble you.

Pick up relevant feedback and comments; use them to improve your business. Negative opinions should have nothing on your business!

Thank you for reading to the end, always visit our blog for more updates.


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