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This represents one of the many ways by which you as a network marketing professional  can build an effective network for your business. I would like you to pay attention to these 3 L’s that are CRITICAL when prospecting on Social Media. They are 3 simple tips that I believe should be a part of any network marketing business when prospecting.

1.Love Your Prospects.


These prospects are the FUTURE of your business. And one of the things you must master is letting them feel APPRECIATED, HONORED and LOVED by you – If you don’t want to see less of them do business with you, you will need to make them your friends. Even if they are not doing business with you yet, reach out to them from time to time. Find out about their well-being, amongst other things.

You also need to make them know that you are there to HELP them. “I just want you to know that I enjoyed the conversation that we had the other time…” even if that was not the best of conversations for you. Let them feel comfortable around you.

The truth is this;prospects are human and want to feel you are there to HELP them and that you actually CARE about them as a person more than the fact that they are your prospects.

2. LEAD your Prospects Have some POWER.


Not just posture. Walk in the POWER of your Products, Business Opportunity and the Possibilities that lie ahead. And know you can transform your prospect’s life with powerful New Ideas.

Posture unfortunately can come across as fake. POWER never does. Prospects will follow you if they sense you are GOING SOMEWHERE Powerful in life. You need to get this right, posture needs to be backed up by power or else you will lose that prospect. Too many of them have seen people pose as the right person to follow only for them to see that these fellows don’t possess the power that will get them there, they have only being posing all along. So be sure to possess both power and posture as you relate with your prospects.

Always have a message or product that Increases the Possibilities and Value for their life. Lead those prospects to a place in their mind where they can see easily see what their lives COULD be like and how you can help them get there. At that point, many will follow you.

3. LET THEM GO if they are Not who YOU are looking for.


This sometimes can be a hard pill to swallow but the truth is not everyone you come in contact with on your journey is ready to succeed in this business, because of this, you need to be wise in investing your time with the ready prospects and respectfully LET the ones that are not interested go.

Remember that your business is NOT Social “Beg-ing” Marketing or “Net-beg” Marketing. You are out there to help them as you help yourself too. It is a win-win situation. As a network marketing professional , you know the metrics already; only a few take action and you shouldn’t let the unresponsive prospects’ attitude or posture come to you as a surprise.

This is a BUSINESS that you must realize that some prospects are “Pretenders” and they are pretending as they go through the process involved. The last three letters in Pretend make up the word: END. And I will suggest that you End the conversation nicely and gently whether online or offline; and move on to the next prospect that PROVES WORTHY of YOUR TIME. A statement like this would do….”Listen, this obviously is not a fit for you, and I truly appreciate your time, but why don’t I go ahead and scratch you off my Leaders list and if you want to talk any time in the future, just reach out to me… I would love to.” Do not forget, as a network marketing professional; LOVE. LEAD. LET.

Incorporating these 3Ls seamlessly into your business operations as a Network Marketing professional needs to be done and as quickly as possible, however this can be a bit of a challenge for a lot of people. For you reading this blog post though there’s a beam of light ahead in the road! Our RLP video series is a simple road map that will guide you to be able to identify your ace prospects when you meet them, you will also learn the skills you need to acquire in making this happen.

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