Are you making these 7 Mistakes unknowingly and what is that doing to your online business and social media? I want to go over what we call the 7 Laws of Hyper- Growth Online Marketing. They can be applied to recruiting downlines as well prospecting.
Note: These laws were originally authored a few years ago by my mentor and coach.

1. The Law of TINY.


In social media and online marketing there is a focus we call TINY. These ones represent a small fragment of those who encounter your posts online and interact with it, you need to target your post at them working your content around their interests and not yours. This is because they are going to click through and interact with contents based on their likes. for a successful online campaign or whatever your online goal is, your content should revolve around what the prospect is interested in and focused on. It is your duty to awaken that interest and you can do so by delivering the right posts on the right topics, to the right audience, at the right time.There are times that you drop some posts and they are not well interacted with and there are times you drop the same post and the response is breathtaking having massive likes, comments, shares and views. What this does is that it triggers the dormant connection residing in your prospects and brings their attention on you. Note that the key to gaining this traction is your ability to focus on their INTERESTS without losing sight of your own goals. Also, in the copy, post, story, or video, you can talk about how you are interested in this knowing they are interested as well and that sparks the CONNECTION.

2. The Law of IMPACT.

Everyone talks about informing the prospect. That’s Important! But the paradigm is shifting and you need to be aware of that else you could be caught off guard. While your contemporaries are channeling their efforts on informing the audience suggest that you channel your content creation efforts on IMPACTING your prospects.
This is because impact is far reaching and lasts longer on your prospects than information. Remember that if you inform, you remain in the mind of your prospects for as long as they hold that knowledge in their mind. However there is something about impact, It sticks with you! And more so, it attracts loyalty than information! Simply put, Information educates the prospect but Impact MOVES the prospect. You should choose moving the prospect emotionally. There are diverse ways of making impact; there is the Visual Impact, the audible Impact, the realization Impact, the destiny Impact, the solution Impact, the relating Impact. The hope impact, and lots more. It is not as difficult as you think MOVING the prospect by Impacting them through your words, communication, education, and possibilities that are not far-fetched.

3. The Law of Relatability.

Getting someone to think these words are CRITICAL “Wow I can relate to that!” What you achieve when you get people to say those words is that you have just informed them that you are of the same tribe and you have same or similar peculiarity. The game changer for you is the fact that you have overcome and you have with you the secret solution they want so badly!  Whether it is through a problem you had, a solution that was needed, a struggle, a loss, a frustrating experience, a personal issue, financial issue, happiness issue, etc. Talk as if you were in a café and simply talk about what many people struggle with the problem or dream about the solution. Then talk about how you can help them with what you have discovered. RELATE RELATE RELATE!

4. The Law of WTF!


That stands for What’s That Feeling? You talk EMOTIONAL struggle with negative feeling of how you look in the past or have lived your life, how you were thinking, how you perceived life, how you were insecure, doubting all the time, etc. – and then you totally changed your feeling about life when you discovered this and now you are feeling incredible about your future and life today. Talk Negative feeling then turn it to a Positive and Powerful experience since you found this Product / Business that is now a huge part of your life. Phrases like “This has totally changed everything about my life.”, “I couldn’t Imagine this level of success could be mine” and more, gets people on the edge of the seat, at that point they want to snap up the solution and possibly maintain a monopoly to it.

5. The Law of SOLUTION.


YOU are the Solution, Not your business or product.
They are PART of the solution but you must realize YOU are the Solution and without YOU it does not happen the way it will with working with you. You are the SOLVER, the ANSWER Person, the SOLUTION Specialist and the products and the business are what you have chosen to DRIVE your Solution.
If you are not strategic in doing this you will keep doing all the hard work for another person to reap all the benefit. If they don’t see you as the solution and the best at that, then you effort all along is a waste. That is why you must  also be consistent and ensure you keep covering more grounds so has to offer premium products and services after such a great content.Do not forget, YOU are the Bearer of the Solution.

6. The Law of Consistent VISIBILITY.


Being Visible is important. Being CONSISTENTLY visible is IMPERATIVE. Visibility is non-negotiable. You must be visible every day, Visible everywhere. Visible at every given chance, visible at every important moments and visible when others are not. Being visible does not follow some regiment written on stone, add spice to it. Post, comment on other’s post, like and share other’s post, use social media and be LIVE. People don’t like faceless business. Going live as you are does more good to your business than you can think and earn you the trust of your audience. Get on a schedule. Get an Action Partner.
Do whatever it takes to be OUT THERE consistently.
Increasing Visibility enlarges your Viability Invaluably.
BE VISIBLE with offer VALUABLE ideas and posts.

7. The Law of MAGNETICS

Drawing the people towards you emotionally should be your NUMBER ONE GOAL when starting. Draw them towards you quietly but quickly. With your words, copy, videos, images, questions, energy, and more and then bring out the Curiosity MAGNET. 
You tell them you understand where they are in life, what they are feeling, what they are thinking, and you also know WHAT to DO to resolve it. And you would love to connect with them and talk further about how you can help them as you helped yourself Talk RESULTS.
Most people always like to take the easy road. They want to follow those who have journeyed on that path and succeed and positioning yourself quickly and quietly is essential. These sometimes take time and require consistency so you should be prepared for the journey that lies ahead.

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