The 5 KEY Elements to achieving your 2021 GOAL 

This New Year, I am not going to join everyone to start teaching about how to set goals, but rather I will quickly outline some key elements of goal achievements.

The mistake most people make is to set outcome goals and leaving out the process and performance goals.

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Here are the 5 keys to hold tight so you can achieve your goals.

       1. Clarity


 How specific and comprehensive the goal is, simple but specific.

As you set the outcome goals, remember to work out the numbers that will feed your day to day activities.


  • I will do this much volume this year.
  • I will talk to 200 new contacts this year.
  • My team will do this volume this year.
  • My team will sign up 100 new recruits this year.
  • Then break it to daily tasks

      2. Challenge


How  difficult the goal is  and the degree which it require us to grow /increase our abilities.

Working out the numbers and breaking it to daily activities will give you a bigger picture of how challenging it’s going to be in achieving that gigantic goal. You will be ready to go for it, you won’t be deceiving yourself.


      3. Commitment


How dedicated are we to reach the goal and What value it renders to us (Lifestyle, Income, etc).Think about the income or the lifestyle it will afford you, picture it and help yourself live it for a moment and you will see how beautiful it is to achieve that goal, it will energize you to push harder.


      4. Feedback


How our achievements are perceived and recognized by others.

Positive feedback increases satisfaction after achieving the target. Think about the recognition and the prestige that comes with that goal, the congratulations and how proud your family will be of you.


      5. Complexity

The difficulty of the tasks that we are to learn and accomplish for reaching the ultimate goal.

You will become a better person after achieving that goal and you will be ready for higher level of performance.


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