Network marketing is one of the few businesses that requires acute business sense to make it work. And the need to develop yourself as an entrepreneurs is never over-emphasized in various network marketing companies. You need to keep learning about your product, the business, the industry, the market and lots more.
As a network marketing professional, you are on a journey and a major essential on that journey is progressive learning. Albert Einstein the great scientist once reportedly said: “Once you stop learning you start dying” and for you as a network marketing professional, the industry is structured to support your personal growth and you should embrace that.
Some network marketing distributors make the mistake of assuming that what’s valuable to them is also important to their audience, and they use their social platforms to broadcast, to “sell, sell sell, sell”, or join join join . That is the hard way or working your business online that doesn’t guarantee results.
The 5-3-2 rule, states that for every 10 posts you publish: 5 should be curation –  sharing others’ content, this is not the same thing as copying people post without credit, 3 should be creation – relevant content you’ve produced yourself and 2 should be humanization – personal, fun and relaxed content that humanizes your brand. You’ll notice that each of these areas all have something in common—they’re all focused on your audience, not on you. So, let’s dig a little deeper with each and see how they can engage your audience and what you can be doing to get the most out of each category of post.



So the majority of what you share should be curated from other places and sources that are relevant to your niche and audience. There’s so much content out there, spend time reading up on your industry news and be part of the conversation around subject areas you know your audience would be interested in sharing contents that are relevant and specific to your industry area will indicate you have your finger on the pulse of what is happening. Some platforms to help you quickly curate content for your social media platforms are listed below:
• Nairaland
• Quora
• Various online news media to mention a few.
These aren’t the only curation platform you can use, but they’re a starting point.
Remember whatever you post need to be useful and sharable; it also needs to be relevant to your niche and audience.
Most importantly do not forget to acknowledge the original author of that content.


Personal, fun and relaxed content that humanizes your brand .This is the aspect that brings your brand to life and shows your audience that you are human and not just a big faceless corporation trying to sell to them.
Here you can show off your shining personality and humor if that fits with your brand. It can be related to your industry, or it can be completely random just to make people feel at home with your brand. I strongly suggest you should consider what really matters to the people that you are trying to reach. Instead of using your social platforms to broadcast, try to use them to join conversations that are already happening. Listen to what your audience is already discussing, read what
influencers are writing -then pitch your content to respond to these cues.



Relevant content you’ve produced yourself  this will require you spend some time creating contents of your own, try to steer clear of the hard sell, if you do this you will no doubt see your audience reduce.
Social media is all about attracting the audience you want and what does this is valuable content, try creating varied content as well, as this will keep things interesting for your audience.
These types of content could include:
• Blogs
• Infographics
• eBooks
• Videos and lots more

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