The first 2+ years of growing my NM business can be likened to being like a scavenger. I had to go through a lot of dirt to find useful training and tips for growing my business. It was quite difficult to apply some of the things I picked up because it just won't work for Africans based on the infrastructures we have and things that are peculiar to us. When Coach Kemisola announced the launch of this course I quickly jumped on the offer. The course content is so rich with loads of actionable activities that you can apply immediately into your business. The best part is, she is a living working and breathing example that everything she has put into this course works. And the fastest way to achieve results is to ride on the shoulders of those who have proven track records. If you are looking for a way to transform your business, the Network Marketing Transformational School is your express ticket!

Faith Kapona

My journey into the Network Marketing industry began in 2017. I simply knew I wanted to become professional however I had no clue how to go about doing that. Most of the materials from Network Marketing Coaches and Mentors all over the world were great but there was nothing tailored for the Nigerian Network Marketing Industry that was localized to our own peculiar business environment. I searched and searched for anything that could help me as I had gotten to a point in my career where I was experiencing little or no growth and stagnancy. Then I stumbled upon a Network Marketing Transformation Course by a Nigerian Network Marketing Coach and I was simply overjoyed that finally someone has taken newbies like me into consideration and created a course that would not only give the right direction but is specifically tailored to the Nigerian Network Marketing Professionals' needs.

Iniye Emelife

Great Coach, you showed us that whatever we put our minds to, we will surely achieve! Mindset! Yes, this was the drive for me even when it was like there is no time to do this [some of us are working from home – office matters]. No doubt tools creation is now part of doing the business for me and I am using it to build my team more. Surely, I am not where I want to be yet, I am happy that I now spend less time gathering materials, writing and voicing. Still creating. Thank you, Coach, for the support and encouragement. Thank you, colleagues, here for the motivation.

Faith Ikems

I create tools at every opportunity now. My ability to reduce time spent explaining has reduced drastically. Now I need to create more tools for other areas of my business. I'm not where I want to be yet…because I still can't do the voice over slide recordings. But I am not where I used to be anymore. Thank you Mamak.

Adebisi Atewologun

I will remain grateful for buying this course from Kemisola. I have always admired her tenacity and the way she builds her business. So when the opportunity came for this course, I didn't think twice but jumped it. I love how easy it is to understand and follow through the modules. Going through has made me build my business, especially team building. It has made me a better person when it comes to creating tools for business duplication. Don't over analyze getting this course, your business will thank you for this. Besides kemisola is so approachable and down to earth


I had no prior experience in Network Marketing. My search and hunger for knowledge changed when I signed up for the Network Marketing Transformation Course. I’m better, more confident and business is booming. I have been able to raise a large team of people, rank advanced severally and qualify for incentives from my Company. Kemisola is indeed phenomenal. A woman of knowledge, highly impactful. I have learnt humility in its purest form. If you are a struggling Network Marketer, it’s time to scale up your business. The Superstart course is a must buy. It will set your business on fire.

Lilian Uja

I can create tools now without stress. For long now I have been conducting training on how to run a paid advert for and most of my team members kept complaining that they been having a problem doing so. So many even stopped trying. So last week I did a video on it and posted in my group and instructed them to try it once more and send the screenshot. Almost all of them got it right and their ad started engaging for the very first time. They were all sharing their excitement in the group. This course has really helped me in a way that I could not have imagined but personal and in business growth. It has made me a much better Network Marketer and a more resourceful leader.

Nkechi Arinze Akunna

I have learnt a lot especially on the area of tool creation which I admire those that do it but now I can do it with so much ease

Hadiza Abubakar

Yaaagaaaaa!!!! Pre-NMT l use to be that network marketer who asked so many questions about how to do things. Questions like; How do l make training interesting for my team and prospects? How can l keep my social media space active with an interesting post that gets my audience engaged? How do l grow in my business? and many other questions, l see a lot of highly successful people in my industry and l keep wondering when l would be able to get to their height. Then l came in contact with that life-changing post from Kemisola Ajetunmobi about getting really schooled in Network marketing the Africa way…hmmmmmmm, l had actually had some training from other professional network marketer but l told me that l will do all it takes to join this school not because l had the resources waiting but because l was highly positive that l will never return the way l was before the training. More so, l have followed Kemisola Ajetunmobi back to back and l know that for me to get virtue from her, l need to get under her tutelage. Now, l have gotten most of the questions answered. I create tools like it's a,b,c. My team members can feel the impact of the training on our daily team activities. I am no longer the naive network marketer, I'm better off now and l can bite my chest in confidence that l am a Network marketer per excellence. I have not gotten to where l want to be but l sure know that l am no longer where l used to be. I will definitely choose Network Marketing Transformational School Africa over and again and l highly recommend it for everyone who really needs a change in their network marketing journey. Thank you Coach Kemisola Ajetunmobi for making my time here worth every second spent.

Chikwendu Chidinma Ozioma

I love the simplicity in your training Mamak. You get us involved and also tell us practically how you have achieved yours. There are always a lot of new things to learn from you. Just one single step I learnt from this school helped me open and close my gold title with easy last year. That alone tells me I am learning in the right place. And I am sure on my way to becoming a superstar. Thanks for being a bless and keep being awesome.

Oluwatosin Olupaiye

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