This coaching program is designed to give you clarity but most importantly your expectations should be right. 

Now is the time to search your heart to see if you have any negative expectations.

Examples of negative expectations could be;

“I don’t think I really have the time for this right now, I’ll just see how it is, if it’s too hard, I’ll stop”.

“I’m not really a starter so I’ll wait till a few days/weeks in and join in afterall no one will know”.

“I’m not really a techy person, I don”t think this course is really for me”.

If you have negative expectations you will attract all the things that go with it. And that’s because life hands us our expectations.

What your mind conceives, it will produce. 

If you keep thinking that this coaching will not help you, it will not help you.

You will get different results based on their expectations. 

Now that we are clear, will you start thinking about some great expectation instead? Do this intentionally. 

Write your ONE MAJOR expectation down.

Put it on your dressing mirror, your kitchen refrigerator or somewhere you will see it everyday, so that you are always reminded. 

This is a very important step. Don’t skip it.

Writing your expectations down will be a great reminder for you why you came on this online course for everytime you may want to give up.

Once you have written your expectation down.

Now say this out loud:

It is my time to become the YOU you truly want to be.

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