I recently shared a training with my team on how to take advantage of another type of list call HOTLIST and we even made a contest out of it ….read below 

Who is on your hotlist? 



They will help you in anyway they can and support you in anyway possible

We all have them they’re your “personal person” and I personally reserve this people to when I really need them so don’t burn through them just anyhow 

You have to be serious about it. If you joke about it, they will joke about it. 

They are not ordinary people. 

Husband… When it’s month end and I am far from my goals.. I will just tell him, I need your support…I need to do so and so to hit my goal. How can you help me?

My mom, dad,  brothers.

My few good friendships, old and young.

Church leader that I have rapport with.

Just mentioning a few of my hot list.

Have you reached out to your hotlist. 

It depends how neat you communicate, for me I would prefer you make phone calls.

The support you need should be doable, don’t request too much. The best way is to introduce or recommend a product they will definitely use for themselves. 

Managing your contact and list is very crucial as a NMPRO because if you misuse it, its will backfire in future so don’t be in a hurry to burn through it.

Another major determining factor is your consistency, if you keep going to them with different opportunities or different business, they will not take you seriously.

Having said all that we can proceed to the challenge part .

Very easy all you need to do is pick a few of those people on your hotlist and call them up or send them a message .

Example below.

Hi dear friends and family, 

I already told them that I have a hot list of friends and family that I can call on and will show up for me. So right now, I need you to show my team members that my list is hotter than theirs. 

Help me win the Hotlist Contest. All you need to do is buy any of my  amazing products like Roll-on, Perfumes, Body spray, Anti-aging cream (for Him/Her), Hair growth volume boost, Powder. After shave balm, body cream, face/body Scrub, face cleanser/toner and skincare products for personal or household use OR simply register under me to buy from the company to kickstart your own beauty business.

Here’s the link to check out the catalogue:

or you can register here, right away: http://bit.ly/ccccccvvv (this re just fake link just to show you how to insert the link)

Once the writeup is ready, create beautiful graphics either with photo collage or wordwag or Canva or any other app you have on your phone. See mine below, created on canva.

You are good to go. This can be useful regardless of the company you are promoting. Try it today and gist me more about the outcome 

Waiting to hear from you and if you find value, please share this post with friends and team.

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