Objections are key part of the sales and recruiting process, hence dealing with them during the prospecting process is vital.

“There are three ways this can work.

  • You can raise the objections.
  • The prospects can raise them.
  • No one raises them.

Of course, most people are relieved when key objections don’t come up.

But if objections aren’t dealt with, you might not get to close the prospects.

If it’s the prospect that raises the objection, it can put you on the defensive.

“So the best option is for you to proactively raise it yourself and tackle it immediately.

You could say, “Some of my best leaders were concerned about X before we started”

Is that something that worries you at all?’.

You can also replace with a customer when recommending a product.

That shows that the concern was taken care of and it allows you to deal with the objections.”

Offer options – and make sure “no” isn’t one of them.

Always offer options.

If you give them a yes/no choice, it’s easy for them to say NO , If you offer options, then they are choosing between A and B, not A and none.

I usually offer three options and I find that the vast majority go for option two.

I make sure I am always happy with all three options so I don’t mind which one the prospect picks.

That way we’re both happy, and we’ve made an ‘agreement to help’.”

I hope that gives some clarity.

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