Have you ever wondered you are not gaining traction in your recruiting activities?
As we all know recruiting is the lifeline of our business, as a network marketing professional if you are not getting people into your business, it might be right to ask you how many eyes are you putting on your business?
How many exposures are you getting done per week?

Few steps will lead to exposure which I call the pre-exposure activities namely;

  • Prospecting
  • Invitations
  • Follow-up
  • And then the EXPOSURE.
You must be prospecting the required number of people that will give you the right amount of people to attend to or see the opportunity ( exposure ) so you can get a healthy number of people into your team.
Example; Say you want to recruit 5
  • Generate as much leads as possible
  • Invite 125 people to an exposure
  • 25 of them may attend and 5 or more might join.
It’s a simple law and your average will improve as time goes on and you might even Prospect one and recruit one.
This law is perfect when you are doing cold prospecting because they don’t know you, if you do your follow-up well, you will even get more of them to join later because they will move through the KLT stage during those times.
If the results are not coming, you might want to get into a cold prospecting blitz and quickly run through the cards to reach your ace fast. Stop running after your friends and family as though without them you can’t build a business.
What other ideas can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned? you can share your thoughts on the comment section.
Thank You.

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