This course is set to help you achieve remarkable skill acquisition in the area of recruiting and all other supporting skills.

The three fundamental principles of recruiting are




The above has been broken down into short videos under different categories


The recruit like a PRO EBOOK is divided into 5 chapters namely;

1 – Recruiting Mindset

2- Time Evaluation

3- List Building Expansion

4- Offline Recruiting

5- The Right Start

And also, each chapter has been further explained in a video for more clarity


The number one goal we had in mind when creating this course, is to quickly help you gain mastery of the required skills you need to excel as a network marketing leader.

Recruiting is the lifeline of any successful network marketing business, so it is paramount we put some time aside to form or learn about it.

The course is divided into 4 useful parts

1 -Recruit Like a PRO VIDEO SERIES

2- Social Media Lead Generation Techniques and Sources

3- Recruit Like a Rockstar

4- Effective and powerful presentation

5- Conquer Objections like a Rockstar.

PART 2                                  

This part covers the social media lead generation techniques and sources

The objective is to help you understand the available lead sources and techniques to use in taking advantage of those sources

Part 3

Focus on some important skill and activities that will help you quickly close up some lapses in your day to day recruiting activities or teach you totally new things you may not be aware of

The areas answered are all video titles.


Part- 4

Effective and Powerful Presentation

Making a Memorable Presentation

It’s not the information that will make them join

Don’t bore them with compensation plan


Everybody’s product explanation is the best

Prospect will remember these

  1. boring or not
  2. Waste of time or worth it.

Boring presentation will lead to the following

  1. Loss of attention
  2. No one joining
  3. They envision a boring future


 Tips to make an effective presentation

  • Be confident
  • Don’t be salesy
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Be enthusiastic but keep it in check
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Incorporate music and videos
  • Use a good presenter
  • Use stories

The important 5 things your prospect need to know


  1. The industry
  2. The company name
  3. The product you sell
  4. The training and support available
  5. How much money to be made


Before you present to a prospect, do the following

  1. Qualify your prospects
  2. Know Your audience by asking questions
  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Goals
  1. Modify as per the goal of audience
  2. keep it short, simple and clear

5 Incorporate objections and clarify

6 Use Stories

Time Splitting for presentation

Interaction – 2min

Industry – 2min

Company – 2min

Product -2min

Money – 5min

Closing – 2min

Total – 15 Mins


Call to action /Closing

Use the devil’s advocate strategy

Tackle any objection

Clarify questions further

Create fomo

Make a time sensitive offer

Ask for a decision

Book another exposure if needs be



One of the most dreadful topics in network marketing today objections.

The goal of the part is to show you exactly what objections are and how to crush them.

you will gain insights into the psychological aspects of objections and the root causes of each objections which will lead to better management.



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