No 1. Encourage Private Messages on Facebook

Encouraging your audience to send a private message to your page is a great way to build engagement and ultimately trust. It also allows you to provide customer service and answer specific questions a prospect may have without them feeling uncomfortable about others seeing what they ask.

Facebook makes it easy to encourage people to send a private message when you create a post. Select the Get Messages option and Facebook will automatically add a button to your post that takes people directly to Messenger. You have the messenger option and WhatsApp option. I bet you have been seeing such messages around.

Tip: This is a great type of post to publish when you launch a new product or promoting a new campaign

No 2.  Access Royalty-Free Music for Video Background


If you want to add music to a short video you share on Facebook without getting into trouble with copyrights, you’ll love this feature!

Go to the Publishing Tools tab on your page and click the Sound Collection option in the left menu. You can then access thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects that you can download. Note that these are pre-cleared for use with Facebook and Instagram only. II am currently using this feature as I am creating a lot of videos and this one really come handy. Customize Your News Feed to Boost Your Experiences on Facebook.

The Facebook algorithm and the posts that get shown in the news feed can be a constant source of frustration or inspiration. Fortunately, Facebook has several features that allow you to control what you see or what you won’t see to some extent.

The first recommendation is to work on your friend list …


No 3. Segment Your Friend Lists

If you use Facebook for networking with new friends, customers, prospects or influencers, you’ll want to see their updates so you can respond. Friend lists allow you to do just that! These lists are similar to Twitter lists, but they’re private to you. When you add someone, they won’t be notified. To create a list, click the Friend Lists tab in the left menu. Click the Facebook friend lists options.  You’ll probably find that Facebook has already created similar lists for you too.

When you click on a list, you will see recent updates from the people on that list and posts they’re tagged in. However, you can’t scroll back down their updates indefinitely; only a few days’ worth of posts are stored. So make sure to check in regularly.

Note that you can choose to share your posts with only specific friend lists too, so creating them can help you control who sees your updates.

secondly, prioritize who to see first Changing your news feed preferences gives you control over what appears in your news feed. To choose which posts you want to see first in your news feed,

  •  Click, on the arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and choose News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click Prioritize Who to See First. This allows you to select from both personal profiles and business pages that you’re following so their updates get visibility in your news feed.

You can also choose to unfollow people so you stop seeing their updates without unfriending them. If you find that your news feed is too full of updates from groups, you can also mute them by unfollowing updates from them.


No 4. Filter the Group Content You See


And speaking of groups, Facebook now gives group members the option to receive notifications of all posts shared in the group, just the highlights, or just posts from friends.

The default setting is in Highlights .So if you’re in a group and want to change your notifications, click the Notifications tab at the top and choose your desired option from there. If you run your own group, be aware that many of your group members will probably not be notified of every post shared in your group, so you may want to ask them to change their settings to All Posts. With this little tweaking here and there you can get a great Facebook experience.

Thank You for Reading to the end !!

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