This is a follow up system that can be used in the last few days of the month to meet your goals. 

Most times when we want to do a last-minute follow-up, we tend to focus on the inactive so much we forget about the other categories of people that are also a major part of our team. Getting Inactives to take action can take so much time and energy especially when they have been inactive for months. 

So I came up with this system for follow up and I have recorded a lot of Success with this method 

The first things is to categorize all your sales force into the following: 

  • The people that are alive (The actives) 
  • The people that are sleeping 
  • The inactives

The Actives

The active one are the ones that have produced already this month, they’ve made sales, they’ve made purchases. They are the ones currently active or they are recruiting too.

The Sleeping

These are the set of people that have maybe ordered last month or in the past two months, they’ve made purchases and they’ve produced, but this month things have been silent on their side

The Inactives

These are the ones that are just there and have not produced anything for a while 

So now let’s go back to the actives. 

I like to start my follow up with the actives because they are actively involved in the business, they are actively working and doing their daily tasks and it will be easier to upsell them on something. 

First off, I determine where they are. For example: 

A person who has gotten a particular rank or done some PRS in a month, I outline what benefits they are already gaining from such activities they’ve qualified for like the following:

  • PERCENTAGE commission level 
  • VIP 
  • WP (Welcome Program)

I go ahead to outline everything and what I want to upsell to them.  I usually call them but SMS is great too if it can be as detailed as the Call. Here’s how I do it:

I introduce myself

Next I say…..

Congratulations!!! I check your figures…..whooaa go rockstar!!! People like you go far in this business, you have all it takes to go far and excel. 

And I follow it with questions such as: 

Do you realise all the things you have achieved or qualified for just this month?

Most of them don’t even know and then I they go ahead to give details with excitement and with their ears itching to know more

I tell them: 

  • Number 1, you’ve qualified for this (I list what they are qualified for) 
  • Number 2 you’ve qualified for this and then I also place emphasis on the monetary value because like you already know people come into business for money and in that moment, I am pressing my calculator 
  • Number 3, you’ve qualified for this and number 4 you qualified for this and then I try to wrap up everything. If they are new I talk about all the benefits based on how much they launched their business with.

Then they can see that you are even making more money back and they will be excited so much!!

If I want to upsell to them, this is the perfect time to do that. 

If you follow this step you will get results, you will get more money, and more value of whatever you are gonna upsell to them, that is how I follow the actives which is normally important. So what I do is write out all the actives, I write out all their points, I look at all they have qualified for, I look out for what I want to upsell to them and then outline the benefits also.

If it’s gonna be SMS, then you begin to do personalized SMS for each person, this is not a general follow up system. I know it’s time consuming but the results are massive and guess what? It is even a time to bond with that person and by talking on the phone you are actually building a relationship with them and the person feels that they have access to you.

The second focus on follow up are people sleeping.

According to our illustrations, maybe they have not done any order for this month. They haven’t produced anything for this month, what I do basically is that I get their figures, check what they did last month, I check what they achieved last month, I check everything then I call them. 

I first congratulate them based on their achievement last month: Fantastic you did well last Month, in fact your figures were outstanding.  Follow up with asking them questions e.g if they redeem all the incentive that they qualified for last month, it could be a welcome program, VIP, the commission they got into their account or prepaid 

Some don’t even know they got paid or money got into their prepaid without them knowing. 

The call will actually in most cases expose the challenges they are facing or ignorance: first I find a way to solve the problems. I am always with my pen and paper 

I jot down whatever they are saying. I usually Open each sheet for each person to have enough room for all the details about them. While I am calling them I am also listening to study their body language. 

Then I proceed to find out why they joined. 


Whatever category they are, I quickly give them tips and advice on what next to do and then see if they can still do something for the month 

And lastly 

The inactives

Like our illustration above inactives are already sleeping and snoring because they have been silent for months so waking them up might require more than one call. But the key factor is to check up on them first and establish the fact that they were once in business 

Before calling do the following 

  • Check the last time they shopped
  • Check for how long they were consistent 
  • Check if they achieved a major milestones 
  • Check if they have had any challenges that you were aware of.
  • Ask team members about them to gain enough information
  • Check their locations 
  • Think up objections or excuses they may come up with during the call 

Do all this before putting the call through.

And when you put a call through, remember to listen for why they have been inactive, that can help to determine how to follow up on come back with a plan to help them get in the business again.

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