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Are you trying to become a Network Marketing Pro in 2020? 

In order to make it work and build yourself as an authority, it has to start with the content you put out consistently.

This guide has been written solely for network marketers/ or aspiring ones to get the most amazing ideas for curating great content.

As a network marketing professional and top leader myself , I understand the pain most network marketers go through when they are about to churn out content and all of a sudden, they go blank. 

Trust Me, I’ve Been There.

  • You just see yourself staring at your device and nothing seems to be forthcoming. 
  • You end up making all your social media platforms all about sales and this depicts you as an aggressive marketer.

Meanwhile, STRATEGY is all that matters.

  • This guide has however been made simple for you to simply apply and get your result provided you take action and are committed.

    2020 is a year of authenticity; people want to see how authentic you are. 

    In proving that, storytelling and great content will play a major role. That is why I don’t want you to be left behind. Z
  • Sadly, Copy and Paste have become the order of the day; we just recycle the same post over and over again.

    You see one post here, and the next thing, you see 100, 200, 300 people put up the same post within a short period of time. 

After reading this guide, that shouldn’t be you anymore.


  • 90 plus 10 content ideas (generic) specific to network marketing
  • Focus areas for content creation
  • Holiday and international celebration calendar
  • Tips on creating great video content
  • An explainer video on how to use the guide

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