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Our coaching program is one of the best programs you will ever buy from the network marketing trans Africa platform .

This is an opportunity to sit down with the coach and look through your business and proffer Solutions, proffer ideas and give you insights into what you can immediately implement and start seeing results in your network marketing business.

Clarity Call

Get on a clarity call with me. Here’s where you pick my brain for one hour and have opportunity to get my insight on matters pertaining to Network Marketing or your Business Growth. It will shed more light on the grey areas of your business.

Fee: ₦50,000

Stages of the Programme

Each coaching package you choose is a 4 hours session which will be spread across 1 hour per week for the duration of one month and you can choose the Coaching Stage that is right for you

Coaching Fee: ₦250,000


The start up is for people that are just Starting OR About the network marketing, and they wants to start in a grand style. They want to come in with clarity and direction as to what is needed for success We will help you with the following Choosing the right opportunity if you have not launched yet.

So if you are in the startup stage, you are just starting your network marketing. You don’t want to scavenge around, you don’t want to gather some sad tales before you start gathering your success story. Then this is for you.

The basic startup strategy that includes pointers for the following: Sales, Recruiting, Team building, Simple tool, Volume booster


THE ramp up Is for people that have already started their business, they have started building their business. But they need to put structure,system and tools. They need to have an understanding of what to do to take their business to that next level, they want to earn more and build a strong business and acquire a bigger team to do greater things They need to take it to the next level. They want to get the business that they really want, they want to have a business that people want to be part of , they want to create this team of amazing human being in network marketing that a lot would be envious of, they want to create team of people that earn , team of leaders, team of record breakers.

We are going to give you tailored step by step insights and ideas of what you can do and how to start creating Tools and system for you team. We will show you how to create the blueprint called the RAMP UP SYSTEM OF GROWTH


You have passed the start up, you have passed the ramp up and now you are on the scale up. You have been earning amazing income, may you are 6 figure earner . You have this amazing team but you have been on this spot for so long. You just just needed to move. You needed to get to the next level of your career in network marketing then the scale up PLAN ONE on one coaching is for you. 

Whereby we will help you come up with leadership training ideas Solution based coaching that would open your eyes to what you need to do. So we are going to sit down with you and look into your business and tell you what exactly you need to do to actually scale up your business. And then if you are in the leader up stage.


you have passed the 3 stages we mentioned now but you have gotten to a stage in your business, you want to leader up to 7 figure. You want to become one of the top earners, or maybe you are already top earner but you need to start showcasing your authority in the industry and in your company . you need to do something differently, you want to maintain, you want to establish authority in network marketing , even as a leader in your team and you want to be the leader with the title and the money m, then this is for you.

Basically we proffer solution for every stage of your business in its not a generic coaching for everyone. You are paying for a premium service where the coach sit with you and look through your business and proffer a solution based on her own experience of building a network marketing business in Africa, in Nigeria in the last 7 years and then also building one of the biggest network marketing business in Africa and working with a lot of people to leader up stage

This is a rare Opportunity and we have few slots available. You could quickly click on this link and pick what you want.

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