As a network marketing professional, it is important that you look at yourself from the right perspective. Seeing yourself solely as an individual can affect the way you tell your story negatively. As a network marketing professional, you might be attached to a company but on your own, you are a brand. And you should portray yourself as one. This is the foundation for creating your brand story. If you don’t have a compelling story or couldn’t create one that uniquely positions your “Brand”, And all you do is tell people solely about your product and company without a story they can identify with, you are likely going to struggle.

1. Connections.

Storytelling has the power to forge valuable connections with your prospects. “For network marketing professionals who are just starting out, an origin story is imperative to establish the emotional trajectory of your business. When you meet new people, you often ask, ‘Where are you from?’ followed by, ‘What do you do?’ Knowing the origin of a person or a brand helps to create common ground and establish trust.
It shows that your brand is more than a sales pitch or a set of words you are trained to say to them. It’s an entity that has shared values and beliefs. By sharing where you came from, where you’re going, and what your vision is, prospects can easily identify with your brand personality. In this way, your brand’s story is your most important marketing currency.
Most network marketing businesses are product-based and these products tend to solve peculiar problems. In telling your story whether personally or as a brand, if you cleverly carve it around a problem that often resonates with most people, you are likely going to connect with them.

2. Affinity.


It’s no news that people don’t want to feel they’re being sold to or preached at about anything any longer and this trend is no different for networkers. Hence, this has made storytelling much more important to every business enthusiast. Prospects want to join a brand that represents their values, or that embodies their aspirations and the best way to show people what you believe in and what you’re aiming for is to tell stories. “Stories are made to be shared, and they’re more memorable than simple facts.”

3. Distinction

There are so many network marketing professionals and network marketing companies trying to gain one more prospect and sell one more product on daily basis and there is a shift in the way people interact with the idea of networking and this means you must have a stronger sense of identity and develop a consistent persona as you navigate the myriad of ways people tend to turn down the sight and approach of a network marketing professional
One of the ways you can seek to be distinct in your approach as a network marketing professional is to have the knowledge of how network marketing works and how it does not. This is separate from the knowledge of your company or her products.
You need to know there is a generic way by which networking works and that is why you find certain network marketing professionals thrive on different turfs and many others struggle at succeeding even in one. The secret to this is learning about network marketing.
You must be able to think and act like an entrepreneur, lead yourself, and consequently others.

4. Advantage.

A story-derived connection can ultimately prove a key advantage in losing or gaining prospects on your side. “With the vast amount of choice available to people today, it’s often not the rational differentiators, the offers, or the structure of your company or service that stands out. It’s how people feel about your products or company that inspires their decision to join your team, rather it is how you are able to tell the story of your brand that spurs prospects to make a decision to either join you or purchase your product.
Even when your brand may not be the most competitive in other respects or offer the best incentives, the ability to tell your story the right way will come in as an advantage for you at all times.
Have you been in a situation in the past where you don’t intend to purchase a product or service but you ended up doing so after being spoken to by 2 to 3 persons on the same product not because the need arose but because the third person spoke in a manner that arouses curiosity and interest and that is the advantage I am talking about critically consider the trigger and you will realize, he just told you a compelling story that connects with your emotion.
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