The process of goals setting based on outcome, performance and process goals come from the world of sport and that is one major takeaway I got from working with a coach that has been in athletic coaching in the past. This can equally be applicable to business and personal development. 

Whether you are a business owner in Network Marketing or the CEO of a business, this knowledge will give you the tools you need to start planning like an athlete. You know athletes are wired for training and winning.

Many of us are vast in setting goals but we majorly focus on outcome goal setting which may not be enough for you to reach fast enough.


An outcome goal is a singular goal that you are working towards. Outcome goals are very often binary and involve winning, Examples are:

  • Wanting to win a car or a trip in your network marketing company 
  • Wanting to be the largest producer in your company. 
  • Wanting to achieve team sales of 100M Naira in January 

Outcome goals are highly motivating, they are not under your control as they are affected by how others perform.  You can’t really control how others perform 100% as it’s not just about your effort especially in network marketing where you need team effort to achieve high ranks or any of the examples above, this could happen if one of your key team members was ill or facing a serious family challenge.

I remember setting an outcome goal sometime in 2019 for my team. Which is TO WIN THE MERCEDES BENZ CLA AND ALSO HIT TOP 15 GLOBAL.  As we take a look at the other types of goals, you will see how I broke it down to achievable bits


A performance goal is a performance standard that you are trying to achieve. These are the performance standards you set for yourself to achieve if you are going to build towards your outcome goal. Over time, performance goals build upon one another to help you achieve your outcome goal. 

As an example, consider a leader with the outcome goal of coming top 10 in her network marketing company before the end of 2020

Their first performance goal might be to hit top 20 in Q1 
Their 2nd performance goal might be to hit top 15 in Q2 
Their final performance goal might be to Hit top 10 in Q3 

It is this final performance goal achievement that makes them ready to attempt to hit their outcome goal of getting on the top 10 in the long run by the end of 2020. 

By stacking performance goals in this manner they can be used to track performance towards your ultimate outcome goal – essentially acting as building blocks towards your outcome goal.

Examples of performance goals include: Outcome goal: To achieve team sales of 5M in JAN 

Performance Goal will be :

  • Accumulate team sales of 1.3M per week 
  • Achieve team sales of 190k per week 
  • Ensure 10 team members are selling 19k weekly 
  • Convert 1 in 3 team sales exposure to a sale
  • Recruit 20 active sales force that will be committed to selling 20k per week 

The last and most crucial of them all is;


Process goals support performance goals by giving you something to focus on as you work towards your performance goals meaning actionable tasks that can be easily performed. 

Process goals are completely under your control unlike your outcome goals which may depend on a large scheme of things. They are the small things like daily tasks  you should focus on or do to eventually achieve your performance goals. These can be easily adopted by your team because it’s broken down to the daily small task.

Examples of process goals include:

  • Train and inspire your team every day to spur action 
  • Show your products to 5 people daily 
  • Contact 10 previous customers per week 
  • Select TOP PICK OF THE WEEK PRODUCTS and how to sell them 
  • Create sales tools that can be used by the entire team 
  • Ensure every post about products has a call to action 
  • Call 5 prospects every day before midday

The list is endless and you can easily craft something for your team if you have gotten a clear understanding of the concept. 

This concept helped me reach my goal in 2019 and I am already deploying it to reach my goals for 2020. 

What you should do:

  1. Create outcome, process and performance goals for your team for the next 90 days. 
  2. Share here for accountability purpose

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