Imagine the world before the arrival of social media. All we had was phone calls, text messages and mails to keep in touch with distant loved ones (Wasn’t so cool right?). Now, imagine the millions of people you’ve never met but you have access to because of social media, super cool right?

There are over 2 billion social media users and aside from interacting with one another and keeping up with each other’s activities, we see so many business owners using their platforms to generate sales for business.

Now tell me why an amazing network marketing professional  like you.!, Is yet to leverage on social media platforms for prospecting?!

Maybe you’re still saying to yourself that a face-to-face interaction would be much better, (you’re right though) but think about it this way; if you had to speak face-to-face with every person who joins your team or buys your product, how many persons would you have on your team and how many products would you have sold?

Don’t you see it ?!! Social media is the new handyman! It’s time to make good use of social media to expand your network, grow your team and make really cool profits from sales!

I care about you and i want to see you succeed at what you do! For that reason, I’ll be sharing with you, three social media hacks that would benefit you as a network marketing professional.

1- Posting Strategically!


With social media; you’re no longer confined to just your environment. With the click of a button, you can reach thousands of people around the world in an instant.  As a network marketing professional think bigger, expand your business to reach coasts previously unattainable by strategically posting content with your target audience in mind.

Social media algorithms shows us that the more people who engage on your post, the more people get to see it.

If you want to reach a wider audience, you must learn to post content accompanied with photos or videos. It gets attention more! Also when people comment on your post, ensure to engage them, it triggers your post algorithm and let’s your post keep showing up on random people’s feed.

2- Building Relationships!


It is not enough to just have people on your team, as often as you can, find out what’s happening in their lives, engage them, social media allows you to stay in touch with long-distance team members on a more consistent basis.

Of course, you should also apply these method on non-team members. Converse with random people, build relationships with them and find a way to bring in your business into the conversation (this is after you must have laid a good relationship foundation). As a network marketing professional , you have to continuously recruit people on your team and you can successfully do this by leveraging on established relationship.

An act as little as liking a post, making a comment, sharing their thoughts or celebrating birthdays, and other wins with them let’s those people know you are thinking of them and invested in their success. It’s that simple you see!

3-Building your brand!


One of the best advantages of using social media is the ability to magnet the right prospects and rapidly expanding your team organically. This doesn’t mean you sit back and magically expect people to flood your space or inbox, No!

What this means is that, with social media, you can position yourself and your business as a brand that gives value! When you consistently give value to people, a lot of people with similar interests will stay glued to you. They’ll come asking questions with genuine interest in what you do.

Your brand will help to introduce you to more people than you would have done on your own. You’ll attract fans, followers, and friends and be able to build rapport with them. Social media allows you to do this and so much more.

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