Mistake 1: You approach your contact list with the goal to sponsor everyone!

Mistake 2: Trying to Sponsor everyone on their contact list.

A proper Invite is NOT to convince everyone you know to join your business. Such unrealistic expectations only lead to disappointment and also makes you annoying and too salesly to your contacts. It makes you nervous, desperate and it turns off your prospects. Fortunately this can be avoided.

The purpose of the Invite is not to sell to your contacts. Whether they join or not is not important!. The Real Purpose of Your Contact List. The REAL and ONLY purpose of the Invite is to simply let the people on your contact list know “you are in business.”

Let’s go back to your Amala restaurant example one more time! (I’m getting hungry just writing about it!)

When you tell your friends about your Amala restaurant, will you force them to eat there regardless of whether they want to or not? of course not! You will respect their decision. If you are too pushy you may even annoy them and they may decide to never go eat at your place!

And the same applies when you “Invite” your contacts to look at your opportunity. The goal is to simply let them know about the business and not force them in. By simply letting them know, even if they don’t join you, you are setting up the stage for later on when they will join you when the timing is better for them.

Who Are you going to tell next? So go back to your Contact List, who did you leave out and who are you going to tell next?

Let people know you have a business.

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